Are you looking to find your place again?

Did you retire from a career that gave you a purpose, that you are now missing in your life?

You are looking to start again, follow a new direction, but you don’t know where or how to start. You wish you could feel good about this new part of your life, but you feel anxious, worried you’ll disappoint others, and afraid you’ll make the wrong choices.

Do you feel like you are expected to do everything for everyone else, and now it’s time to break free from that pattern?

You want more of yourself, but you don’t want to lose your relationships.

Have you felt as though you are stuck in the past and want to feel safe and free in your present?

You want to do for yourself. You long for your own independence. You want to feel safe and free in your present.

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The search for a therapist who is the right fit should be easy,

but it can be overwhelming.  I want to make it easier for you…

A lighthouse is a beacon in the darkness. In stormy times, the light shining from the lighthouse is the guide to safety and the shoreline. Our work together will help you find the light that shows us your course and we will work together to get you closer and closer to a happy, healthy new shoreline.. Healing comes when the work is getting done and the shoreline gets closer.

And as you grow, we’ll also work to ensure that you are able to maintain those healthy relationships you might fear changing yourself would damage. 

Let’s get together. Tell me your story, and your history, and let’s find the course to your shoreline.

And rest assured, I’m not a therapist who is only focusing on the storms.  We’ll look at your strengths, the wonderful things and relationships you’ve already created, and we’ll laugh together too.

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Julie Lindroth is one of the most helpful and straight forward counselors I have ever spoken with.

Julie Lindroth was my son’s therapist for several years and helped him (and our family) tremendously!

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